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“Diversity and inclusion are key to our organization’s success. We are determined to have a diverse culture, throughout our organization, that benefits from the perspectives of each individual.” -Mike Jeffries, Chairman & CEO

Diversity & Inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion are key to our organization’s success. We are determined to have a diverse culture, throughout our organization, that benefits from the perspectives of each individual.” -Mike Jeffries, Chairman & CEO


    At Abercrombie & Fitch, we are firmly committed to increasing and utilizing the diversity of our associates and management team across the organization. Those differences are supported by a culture of inclusion, so that we better understand our customers, capitalize on the talents of our workforce and have an inclusive mindset that values every dimension of diversity.


    At Abercrombie & Fitch, we approach diversity and inclusion from a very broad perspective, recognizing that there are 25 different dimensions of diversity that make up who we are.

    In short, we define diversity and inclusion as follows:

    Diversity is about who you are as an individual – what's seen and unseen. It also includes the rich differences between individuals such as race, gender, family, sexual orientation, work experience, physical ability, and religion.

    Inclusion is about embracing those differences, and thoughtfully and enthusiastically enabling those differences to equally contribute.

  • Diversity And Inclusion Team


    •Provide perspective on how to attract a more diverse customer, associate, and shareholder

    •Work toward making A&F an inclusive environment that values the differences of its associates and customers

    •Promote the idea that diversity and inclusion yield creativity and innovation, which helps to maintain market position


    •Protecting the brand and preventing reputation risk by fostering and sustaining an inclusive environment

    •Developing critical leadership skills, cultural awareness and cultural competency among our management teams

    •Supporting the company's international expansion by educating our associates on country-specific cultural norms and customs

    •Utilizing our executive diversity council and stores diversity council to strengthen our policies and to ensure we have leadership commitment

  • Initiatives

    The purpose of the Working Parents Initiative is to provide a stronger sense of community and inclusion among working parents at A&F. We aim to do so by being a resource to associates, providing associates opportunities to share best practices and create avenues for associates and their families to participate in family-friendly events.

    During Diversity & Inclusion Week, we engage thousands of our store associates from across the world in activities to build familiarity, comfort and trust with one another. This week is designed to promote a strong sense of inclusion among associates while also educating them on the Office of Diversity & Inclusion’s strategy and initiatives.

    The Diversity Champion Program is one of our signature programs, recognizing leaders who have changed their own behavior and set an example of how to create a more inclusive environment.

    The Diversity Education Program focuses on providing continuous learning around diversity and inclusion principles. Training and education is at the core of our diversity & inclusion strategy and has played an integral role in the progress we’ve experienced as a company. We place a strong emphasis on behavioral change and understanding what it means to have an inclusive culture. All associates are required to attend diversity & inclusion classes, as listed below:

    Home Office
    -Creating a Culture of Inclusion
    -Building CulturalDexterity™
    -Supervising an Inclusive Team

    -Diversity & Inclusion Foundation
    -Creating a Culture of Inclusion

    Distribution Center
    -Dialogue on Diversity I
    -Dialogue on Diversity II


    • A&F has made several improvements in its stores to enhance the in-store experience of all customers, including customers with disabilities

    • According to KidSay’s most recent Trend Tracker Report, Hollister is the #1 specialty retailer of choice for African American youth between the ages of 8 -15 years old

    • A&F has been named a “Best Company for LGBT Equality” every year by the Human Rights Campaign since 2006

    • More than 50% of current in-store associate self-identify as non-white

    • Approximately 35% of VPs and above (total company) are women

  • Milestones

    Diversity & Inclusion team created under Todd Corley’s leadership
    Less than 10% of stores associates are non-white
    Diversity training program starts

    Hires 25 diversity recruiters
    A&F gives $300K scholarship grant to UNCF (United Negro College Fund)

    Executive Diversity Council created
    A&F partners with minority-focused organizations for recruiting efforts
    Named “Best Place to work for GLBT Equality” by Human Rights Campaign

    A&F Sponsors over 20 multicultural events

    35% of stores associates are non-white
    Scholarship program with NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) begins

    Diversity Week starts
    Diversity Champion Program created

    Working Parents Initiative starts
    Stores Diversity Council created
    Distribution Center (DC) Diversity Council created

    50% of stores associates are non-white
    Sponsored European Diversity Awards

    Diversity training for international store managers
    Named “Best Place to work for GLBT Equality” by Human Rights Campaign for 7th time
    A&F gives 45 scholarships to NSHSS students